Ebb Tides

Sidmouth, Devon, EX10 9XL

About Ebb Tides

Ebb Tides seaweeds a taste from the tidal garden.

Ebb Tides sustainably harvest seaweeds from pristine waters of the beautiful Devon coastline. We develop user friendly products with you the consumer in mind believing simple is good. Our seaweeds are slowly dried maintaining colour and nutritional benefits. Multi awarding winning chef Noel Corston helped formulate the unique blends of seaweeds creating a beautiful balance of flavour and goodness.

Within our range of products we have.

Sea Salad a mix of delicate green flavours with a touch of pepper the perfect complement for fish and salads even ice cream!

Dulse rich and Smokey with a hint of spice great with crab, lobster, red meats, toss into salads or stir fry super alternative to bacon. Add to bread, scones, makes fabulous smoothies.

Kelp a deep, earthy flavour and super versatile. Giving that special savoury umami flavour the fifth taste the basis for miso and dashi stocks. Kelp is a natural with beans, casseroles, meats curry’s, pasta and noodle dishes.

You simply grind the flavours and goodness onto your meals with our convenient grinders or use the resealable pouches add to recipes or use as a side dish or salads you are only limited by your imagination.

Adding our seaweeds to your diet not only imparts flavour, colour and texture to your foods in a convenient and easy way but also adds the benefits as what’s been described as the healthiest plant on the planet. Seaweeds are now proven as an effective weight control measure, detoxifying and a super low salt alternative you can throw away your salt pot and replace with one of our grinders.

We think seaweeds are pretty amazing we hope you do also

Transform your meals with a tidal twist each day.