Column Bakehouse

Column Bakehouse,Devonport Guildhall Plymouth.PL14EL

About Column Bakehouse

Column Bakehouse,Devonport Guildhall Plymouth.PL14EL

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Plymouth’s first and only social enterprise bakery.
Specialising in sourdough and artisan breads, we believe that great quality wholesome bread is something to be enjoyed every day, by everyone.
Produced using fresh, locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, our award- winning breads are baked in-house, with absolutely no nasties.
Being a social enterprise it’s our mission to do more and give back, that’s why we reinvest all profits into providing more opportunities for local people – by way of apprenticeships, jobs and opportunities to gain experience.
Simply put, good bread does good – for you, your family, for everyone.

As Plymouth’s only social enterprise bakery, Column Bakehouse uses the production of delicious, organic, honestly baked bread to support a range of employment and community based projects.
Column Bakehouse bread is locally produced, using organic flour and natural ingredients and is a proud member of the real bread campaign.

Developed in the old Mortuary space in Devonport Guildhall, Column Bakehouse has quickly established itself as a destination for lovers of artisan bread and high quality baked goods.
As a social enterprise Column Bakehouse invests all profits back into offering opportunities for local people and is looking for opportunities to engage with more members of the Devonport community, including veterans, to share the health and well-being benefits of baking.