HI Tom!

Q. Has to be asked! Is there a reason why you bake from a Victorian Mortuary ?
A. Yes, we love dead good bread!.. And we are part of Real Ideas Organisation (RIO), the Social Enterprise who developed and continue to run the grade 1 listed Devonport Guildhall – which also contains cells by the way!

Q. Charcoal bread, does it taste like burnt toast?
A. Oh, if we had a pound for the times we get asked that! (Chuckle). Interestingly charcoal bread just tastes like bread – it’s a dark grey in colour and has a more spongy consistency, but it’s main benefits are in that it is good for digestion and has antioxidant properties. It’s also great with strong cheeses!

Q. How many different types of loaves do you bake a week?
A. That’s a secret… find out by popping in to see us at our bakery in the historic Devonport Guildhall or our newly opened Café in Plymouth’s Royal William Yard!

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