Hello Paul & Chris!

Q) We’re intrigued to know why the native black bee is so special ?

A) The Black Bee (Apis Mellifera Mellifera) was nearing extinction not so long ago mainly due to loss of habitat. Recently there have been efforts to locate surviving colonies and increase numbers. The b4project has created a number of apiaries in the South West for the Black Bee. It is better suited to our climate than imported strains of honey bee, and having a healthy population of native bees reduces the number of colonies being imported which in turn reduces the spread of diseases and pests.

Q) What’s the difference between Raw honey and the regular mass produced honey that we see on our supermarket shelves, and are there any health benefits in choosing raw over mass produced honey?

A) The cheaper honey brands found in a supermarket can be blended from a number of honeys imported from anywhere in the world. Some are pasteurised which affects flavour and the nutritional benefit of a raw, single-source honey which maintains the incredible flavour and health benefit.

Q) As Bee keepers yourselves with your own hives, how do you prevent your bees from starving during cold winter months?

A) A healthy colony of bees in an area with plenty of forage should have enough stores to make it through the winter. The cold is actually a good thing for the bees as it reduces the risk of disease later in the year. Sometimes a small, weaker colony can need supplemental feeding to help them survive the winter.

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