Recalling when Kern was crowned as the best in the world.

Named Supreme Champion 2017 at the World Cheese Awards in London, Kern has secured Lynher Dairies’ position as one of the leading artisan cheese producers on the planet. And it all happens down a country lane in Ponsanooth.

The awards, held at Tobacco Dock in London on Friday, consisted of over 3,000 cheese entries from 35 countries. There were 250 judges, with a Super Jury of experts deciding on a top 16. Judge Cathy Strange – the cheese buyer at Whole Food Markets, called the black-waxed Kern ‘visually stunning, with the complexity coming at you in layers and layers.’

Lynher Dairies’ owner Catherine Mead said, “This really is the highest of accolades and it belongs to our entire team. Our cheesemaking skills have been honed by years of Yarg production, and Kern’s story began when we decided to make optimum use of our skill and equipment by creating a new longer maturing cheese. Right from the off, it has been recognised as something really special.”

Dairy director Dane Hopkins, who travelled with Catherine through Holland and France to create the Kern recipe, says : “It’s a hard cheese with a salt crystal bite, full of alpine savoury notes, followed up by hints of caramel.” But with the global spotlight sure to shine on the cheesemakers for months to come, it was back to work with Christmas Yarg production in full flow. And it’s only fair to mention that Lynhers’ traditional nettled Yarg, which is where this success story all began, scooped a coveted Gold at this year’s World Cheese awards too. Want to know more about Artisans Of Food & Drink? Click here to Contact Us!