HI Tony!  

Q. Why do you have a special licence to collect seaweed?
A. A licence is required from the Crown Estate to commercially harvest seaweeds. Crown Estate policy on seaweed harvesting is to licence it to ensure sustainable practice where it is proposed on crown foreshore/seabed

Q. Seaweeds all look the same surely. How do you manage to differentiate between a sea lettuce and a dulse?
A. Seaweeds are perceived as being difficult to identify because of variations in colour, shape and size and their seasonal changes. Nevertheless, with a little determination and a good guide, it is certain that anybody with a practised eye can identify a 100 or more of them.

Q. We’re intrigued, tell us more about your background in aquaculture?
A. About 25 years back I moved from land locked Nottingham to Scotland to train in aquaculture and fisheries. My original thinking was around developing a fish farming. With fish stocks declining worldwide it seemed an obvious path. However my interests moved more towards inland fisheries and I worked for a while for the Wester Ross Salomon Conservation Trust attempting to conserve wild salmon stocks. I moved on to trout and shellfish farming before having my own trout fishery with two beautiful lochs.

Approximately fifteen years ago I moved to Devon working for the Environment Agency before researching and starting the Seaweed Harvesting business Ebb Tides Seaweeds. My experience and training in aquaculture gave me the confidence to start Ebb Tides and move from a secure government job into the risky world of business.

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