Adding seaweeds to your diet gives taste and texture to your foods & benefits your health. They have been described as the most nutritious form of vegetation on the planet.

1.Highly versatile for culinary use. Easy to eat & cook with.Low in calories. 2.Adds texture & fibre to your diet and draws flavours from other foods. 3.Improves flavour profiles – giving a more rounded or complete flavour sensation to foods. 4.Use as a seasoning and salt replacement. 5.Seaweeds are high in Umami: delicious or pleasant savoury taste. The 5th of the tastes alongside sweet,sour,bitter and salt. 6.Seaweeds have 10 to 20 times more mineral content than other plants and contain all 56 minerals and trace elements required for your body.

7.Seaweeds are good for weight control

Brown seaweeds contain Alginate that reduces fat digestion by the body.

Iodine in seaweeds help to maintain a healthy metabolism

Seaweeds help to rehydrate the stomach – making you feel full & less likely to snack.

Seaweeds offer a detoxification boost in helping skin cells to rid themselves of toxins that prevent cells working as they should.

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