Ajar Of.... Droop Farm, Dorset DT10 2ED

About Ajar-of

Ajar Of.... Droop Farm, Dorset DT10 2ED

I have always been passionate about cooking and using quality ingredients and it is this that I maintain with my Ajar Of products, firmly believing that what goes in at the start influences what comes out of the jar at the end!

I started my career as a State Registered Nurse, then moved into the world of business analysis…a strange mix! ajar Of came about when we (hubby and I) changed our way of life from city careers to living in deepest darkest Dorset and working from home!

Making preserves as a hobby and then turning this into a bisiness has been a rewarding journey and there has been nothing better than feeding people with my creations and them enjoying the tastes I have created.

The name Ajar Of was born from a gathering of friends over a meal and wine…oh and Gin…to help me come up with a Brand Name! After lots of laughter, more gin and lots of rejected suggestions, one friend said “ it cant be this hard, its only a jar of something” Hence Ajar Of…..