About Us

Our Story

Our passion for finely crafted food and drink has evolved from our deep rooted love of farmers markets and food festivals up and down the country over many years.

From meeting proud and passionate producers who make the most delicious produce, with provenance and the finest quality ingredients often meant that we walked away laden with these lovely goodies ,creating good memories of the day an experience which cannot be replicated browsing anonymous and heaving food aisles.

We, Richard and Sarah want to share our enthusiasm of locally sourced, farmed, baked, fished and brewed produce, and this is where our idea for Artisans of Food and Drink was born. We’ve pulled together an amazing handpicked selection of the most delicious and finest food and drink that we believe you will ever taste , made by some very clever hard working folk who passionately believe and tirelessly ensure their produce is high in quality.

We have created our Website as a platform to hero the most delicious and finest food and drink in their categories which we think you will love as much as we do.
Our philosophy is simple we want to support and shout out about artisanal producers and give them the opportunity to build and maintain new relationships with customers.